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x_i want to hang onto something that won't break away or fall apart_x

x_like the pieces of my heart_x
20 February
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. Ohio is for lovers . <3

you marry a role and you give up your soul til you break down.

what love has torn,
won't heal in time.

to her own reflection she said,
"i will hold on."
to her own reflection she said,
"i will be strong."

it's me and the moon she says,
and i got no trouble with that.
and i am a butterfly but you wouldn't let me die,
it's me and the moon she says.

hold your breath,
close your eyes and kill me now.
before the photo fades,
and face the ages.

let's take a walk down the hall,
it's a long way,
it takes all day.

my only true hatred,
has spawned my only love.
these scars and these bruises,
could fill a book of sonnets star-crossed,
and desperate,
we're the beginning and the end.
we're fainting,
like lovers caught beneath the chloroform.

i feel so beautiful today.
you're just so typical...
you can't break me.

i *heart* Corey, he is my lover from Michigan ...Sheri's my SEX GODDESS!! and Ashley is my Yoda ...Erika is my homie!! i love them all very much so.


i'm Sheri's funny fellow and she's my crazy critter!!

my anthem is "Beautiful" by Social Code, it should be EVERYONE'S anthem
alexisonfire, alkaline trio, all-american rejects, allister, amanna18, anti-flag, armor for sleep, autopilot off, before my eyes, billy talent, bleeding through, blink182, box car racer, boy sets fire, brand new, break the silence, bright eyes, burns out bright, camber, catch 22, chalkine, chevelle, chinese happy, cold, copeland, count the stars, cursive, dashboard confessional, death by stereo, defiance, deftones, desert city soundtrack, disturbed, dropkick murphys, dynamite boy, early november, evanesence, eve6, everclear, everlast, fall out boy, finch, finger 11, fire devine, flogging molly, from autumn to ashes, further seems forever, glassjaw, goldfinger, goo goo dolls, good charlotte, good riddance, green day, h2o, hawthorne heights, hidden in plain view, hit the lights, homegrown, hoobastank, hot hot heat, insane clown posse, invader zim, jimmy eat world, johnen vasquez, johnny the homicidal maniac, korn, kottonmouth kings, kut u up, less than jake, limp bizkit, linkin park, lock and key, lostprophets, mae, masochism, matchbook romance, melee, mest, midtown, mindless self indulgence, more north, mudvayne, mxpx, new found glory, nirvana, nofx, orgy, papa roach, planes mistaken for stars, poison the well, recover, reel big fish, revis, riddlin kids, rise against, river city high, rufio, sado-masochism, senses fail, shadows fall, silence the wake, silverchair, silverstein, slick shoes, slipknot, slowride, social code, something corporate, sounds like violence, spitalfield, staind, statistics, steel train, steriogram, story of the year, sugarcult, sum*41, surrounded, system of a down, taking back sunday, taproot, the appleseed cast, the ataris, the beautiful mistake, the bronx, the casualties, the clash, the cure, the distillers, the explosion, the movielife, the offspring, the ramones, the sex pistols, the smashing pumpkins, the spill canvas, the starting line, the suicide machines, this day forward, three days grace, thrice, throwdown, thursday, yellowcard.